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 Orange Vanilla Rules

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PostSubject: Orange Vanilla Rules   Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:54 pm

Every of these rules is absolute! Nobody is an exception of the rules!


1. Do not Steal/claim any of the OV adoptables as your owns! it will lead to a permanent ban!

2. Do not Modify the adoptables in ANY way!

3. Tracing the adoptables to create own linearts is art theft and will be punished!

4. Art theft in any way is NOT tolerated and will lead to a heavy warning or a ban!

5. Flaming/ranting/swearing at users or staff is not tolerated!

6. Please try to control the amount of spamm!

7. Read before you post! If you want to get art or trade with somebody make sure to read the whole first thread!

8. Making multiple accounts is NOT tolerated!

9. If you get a promo code it is NOT allowed to give it to another person or to post the way to get it! if we find out you will get a perma ban!

10. have fun and bring your friends XD
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Orange Vanilla Rules
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